The program is intended for leaders, coaches, development learning and HR professionals, life coaches seeking to deepen their coaching & leadership work, however it is recommended for anyone who start his/her own personal journey or coaching education.

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Jungian Coaching

• JC is an emerging new approach for leadership- and organizational coaching that is based on C.G. Jung’s psychology and has been developed by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar in 2014.

• JC is a unique method that incorporates the work with the unconscious part of the personality, thus one may develop an in-depth understanding of one’s behavior, one’s needs for change and attitudes toward leadership, as well as may improve one’s awareness and better functioning in conflicts or challenging situations.

• JC provides the coach and client with a vocabulary of words and concepts which explains behavioral phenomenon. Develops a team symbolic thinking, and team understanding of unconscious motivations and conflicts.

• JC fills the organization’s culture with feminine elements such as expressing feelings, containment, tolerance and nurturing.

• JC is a combination of high intellectual learning with deep emotional experience. Enables the coach and organization to understand the third dimension. Not only gives new skills and techniques but it also creates growing process for the client, organization, and every learner.

• JC complies with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies and is recommended for practicing coaches, corporate leaders, human resources managers, consultants, life coaches, in order to deepen their self-knowledge and extend their capacities with this creative and efficient professional methods.



This is an ICF-accredited international training program, which will be held in its original form in six modules, one weekend per month from February 4 to June 27, 2021.

Each module is three days long, but the first module, which is four days long. Modules include a theoretical part, presentation practice of different techniques and tools, case studies, in individual, pair and group exercises, which is done via online due to the current situation.

Between the modules webinars, supervisions, coach practicum in pairs and in small group via online or in person.



Dr. Avi Goran-Bar


Dr. Avi Goran-Bar clinical psychologist, certified art therapist, member of the European Gestalt Association, CTI coach, and Jungian coach. During his training, he has been in Jungian psychoanalysis for six years. Avi has more than 20 years experiences in training and in organizational consulting. Ha worked for the Israeli Defense Forces, the Ministry of Education, and high-tech companies such as Teva, Intel, and Amdox. In 2014, he developed the Jungian Coaching Method, which is also accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Avi has founded and runs the Jungian Coaching School, where this program is successfully taught to choaches, corporate leaders, and psychotherapists in Athens, Budapest, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Tel Aviv, and Zagreb. His book “The Jungian Coaching” will be published by Routledge Publishing, London in 2021.

Vicdan Merter


Vicdan Merter CPCC, PCC, graduated as an industrial engineer at Yıldız University (Istanbul) and worked for 25 years for large multicompanies mostly in the FMCG and tobacco sector, HR and various management fields. As an company executive, he met with coaching and completed the best coach trainings in parallel with his corporate career. CTI Coaching Training Institute UK (CPCC) certified and International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach (PCC). Vicdan is a co-founder of Coachathlon and is currently involved in coaching, team coaching, and organizational consulting. Vicdan graduated from the Jungian Coaching Training Program in 2018 and has been working in the international faculty ever since. In 2020, he taught the ICF coach competencies module in Budapest.

Zsolt Deák


Zsolt Deák Ph.D., psychologist, OD specialist, and Jungian psychoanalyst (IAAP, MAPE). Sofia University, (formerly ITP) Palo Alto, CA holds a PhD in Psychology. He studied MBA at Acadia University (Canada) and IMC in Budapest (later CEU-Business School). Zsolt has 25 years of experience in HR, including HR management, company management, personnel consulting, leadership selection and development. In parallel with his business career, he has completed Jungian analytical training and has been engaged in psychological counseling in private practice for 15 years. As a leadership and organizational coach, he helps his clients find a solution and grow, in the processes of which he can happily utilize his business experience and in-depth psychological knowledge. Zsolt has been working with Dr. Avi Goran-Bar since 2018, and they jointly launched the Jungian Coach training in Budapest.




The program is intended for coaches, development learning professionals, leaders and HR directors, life coaches seeking to deepen their coaching & leadership work, however it is recommended for anyone who start his/her own personal journey or coaching education.


Following the Jungian Coaching school program, the participants will obtain a Jungian Coaching certificate, awarded by dr. Avi Goren Bar and the Jungian Coaching School, which is also accredited by the ICF as ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training). Therefore, our graduates of an ACSTH may apply for an individual ICF Credential. In order to qualify for the Certificate In Jungian Coaching, participants will be expected to have attended (90%) of the 6 modules, altogether 19 days workshops, have fully completed all the course work and program requirements and shown coaching with autonomy, spirit of initiative by use of Jungian coaching tools in live coaching day. Graduates will be offered to join our practice meeting for further studies and webinars of the Jungian Coaching School internationally. Program will be conducted in English and fees may be applied.


Fees include all course materials for study and tools for practice, the Jungian Coaching and diagnostic tools, as well as certificate. The training materials and tools can be provided in English. Fees also include supervision during the program as well as usage of the zoom account for the online sessions. – Early bird price 2399 € + vat. This discounted fee is available if apply until 31.12.2020 and pay in one installment. – Full program price is 2699 € + vat, if apply after 31.12.2020 and before the program’s start, and pay in one installment. – Full program price is 2999 € + vat, if payment by modules (6 installments), price per module 500 € + vat. – For two or more applicants from same organization, discount of 5% for each participant. You can choose only one payment option. Full refund is available before starting the program, withdrawal between the modules is subject to 500 € non-refundable registration fee is due upon registration for the program. Individual applicants may apply for 0% VAT payment. Should you be interested, please ask for further information.


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